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We happily take custom orders for parties, weddings and special occasions. 


Decorated Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

Pick-up Only


Sugar cookies are made to order for any theme or occasion.  Each cookie is hand piped using Royal Icing.  Each cookie is individually wrapped in cello and heat sealed to maintain freshness.   


Simple cookies start at $4 per cookie with a minimum order of a dozen cookies.

Detailed and character cookies start at $4.25 per cookie with a minimum order of a dozen cookies.




can be available upon request.


There is a minimum two-week notice for ordering.  Please order as soon as you know you require a dessert for your next event.  If within two weeks, go ahead and ask anyway, I may have space for the date you need.



Cash, cheque or credit card payments available through online portal



Do you deliver? No

Do you ship? No

Do you have a maximum number of servings? There is no max on cookies, cakes will depend on availability.


Trilogy Treats

Karen Bond – Chief Pastry Officer

Location: Raleigh, NC



Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to discuss your custom needs.


 A minimum of two(2) weeks notice is recommended for all orders.

Beauty and The Beast Window decorated cookies

Thank you for your request, we will respond asap.

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